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A very thoughtful and insightful look into a sensitive but all too common problem. This book weaves together research and discussion about infidelity with personal narrative to create a thought-provoking and sometimes humorous look at what goes on (or doesn’t) inside our heads before we commit an act of infidelity and what some of the repercussions could be.

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Tired of the sensationalism of cheating and the accompanying negligent attitude?

THE (IN)FIDELITY FACTOR: Points to Ponder Before You Cheat serves to highlight how fidelity can be a mainstay in a committed relationship, if you’re willing to be responsible and accountable to yourself, your mate, and the relationship. Or, if not, what the consequences may be if you choose to err on the side of infidelity. And, there are many. Does the quality of your relationship matter? Do you want to salvage your integrity, respect, and sanity? Are you a fan of preventative measures? Then read this book. It’s meant to stimulate practical thought before you decide to engage, and if after the fact, as a reference for what could have been averted. It urges you to take stock of your circumstance before dipping a toe (or other anatomical appendages) into the murky waters of infidelity. Your due diligence can save a lot of time, tears, money and energy; not to mention fending off betrayed, broken hearts. Want answers? This book teaches you how to be your own.

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but fidelity to a worthy purpose.
~ Helen Keller

We’re human. We all get caught up in depressive and impulsive moments; complicated stuff. What to do? How to do it? Find help navigating the paths of confusion or delusion. Quick fixes are seductive, not productive. Examples of problems and solutions are offered up. Personal stories, commentary, surveys with everyday folk, and stats that speak for themselves are also included. This book is an easy, worthwhile read no matter what your status. Give yourself the gift of more knowledge. You and your future deserve it.

Personal story:
After a time I began questioning my husband’s sexuality and all else that made me uncomfortable or unhappy. That is what allowed for my indiscretion…He was so different from my husband…We were both feeling the effects of alcohol and started flirting heavily…It didn’t take long for us to get into my car and have sex. It was intoxicating, animal sex…The vows were now broken and I was going for it…

Serious stats:

  • 90 percent of persons in the United States are of the opinion that adultery is morally wrong.
  • Per the question, “Should adultery be prosecuted in the courts?” 67 percent replied, “Yes” and 33 percent replied “No.”
  • The possibility of children attempting suicide is doubled regarding children who are related to broken homes when compared with children from non-broken homes.


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