Fair Weather “Friends”

With June upon us and summer on its way, there’s a whole lot of feel good in the air. People are out and about soaking up the rays as much as possible before the next round of unpredictable weather sets in. Good moods permeate stressful lives simply because the sun is shining. Smiles come easier and laughter quicker. Warmth brings on the happy and plenty of bare skin. Eyes are darting and roaming among the less dressed. The mind starts to wander, wonder, and ask whether. Whether or not to engage in a dalliance. Life at home ain’t all that great; why not cozy on up for a day/night with hot bod over yonder? Why not attempt a playdate in some secluded corner with the tradewinds cooling your steamy self? Your (in)significant other will never know. A one-off wouldn’t hurt – much.

Before you allow the sultry sheen of a bright, sunny day guide you into shadowy recesses, take a moment to consider the fallout from one little secret indiscretion. Rationalizing, self-aggrandizing, glamorizing? Take another few moments to reconsider your mindset, unless of course you’re a big fan of guilt, yelling, crying, name calling and a bit of revenge: June in full gloom. You can mentally work it any way you want, but ultimately, infidelity is not your friend. Friends don’t screw each other over, otherwise, what’s the point of having the friendship? Ditto regarding committed romantic relationships, particularly when screwing takes on the more indelicate form. So note your state of mind, shake it off, think of how to deal with your situation, regroup and breathe. Now go outside to clear your head because, yes, the weather is fine.

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