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Thanks for stopping by! I’m excited to share my book, THE (IN)FIDELITY FACTOR: Points to Ponder Before You Cheat. Why? Because I think it’s prime time to address the widespread issue of infidelity gone wild and the lack of personal accountability thereof. Infidelity can be prevented. My book presents legitimate reasons and stats for staying and not straying while in a committed relationship. The benefits of self-awareness, accountability, education, and growth are highlighted. Healthy choices are discussed and promoted. Yes – we have choices. Infidelity is a choice.

Truth is, I’ve experienced both sides of that flimsy fence and openly share my stories as a betrayed wife and the “other” woman. Not so pretty. It’s rare people come out of infidelity unscathed or unscarred. It’s even rarer for most to truly learn from their mistakes which is why infidelity prevention is key.

Romantic relationships are one of the most profound, and at times, confounding experiences to be had. Navigate them with mindful intent. Creating a healthy relationship with intent is all-important, especially in this time of the #MeToo movement. Many accused of sexual harassment were in a supposedly committed relationship. Individuals, families, friends, and enterprises have gone down in a blaze of gory due to disruptive behavior.

I hope you find items of interest in this book that provoke thought, inspiration, and action. Ideally – your call to action.

Get reading. Get healthy. Get happy.

Be the change-up!


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