2015: Happy New You!

Hello 2015! One more year lost and another attained. Were lessons learned? Truths discovered? Goals outlined? Start slow. Make reasonable self-requests, not unrealistic promises. Check. Well, welcome to the new and improved you! All these positive gains will help safeguard you against blunders and temptations that a less grounded individual may succumb to – and there are many.

I’m specifically talking about the temptation of infidelity. If you’re stepping away from a relationship, healing, or considering rebuilding from an infidelity fallout, make this year count, no matter what the past has held. Forgive your less informed, less healthy self. Embrace the bigger, better, bolder you. Bigger, as in expansive thought. Better: self-improved. And, boldly; go where your personal growth has never gone before.

Exciting times! 2015 eagerly awaits. Now get out there and kick some serious butt, because why not you? 

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