A New Year Has Dawned – Now What?

I’ve decided to refrain from speaking specifically about infidelity in this post.  Instead, a few words about the New Year.  I’d like to greet 2014 with open arms and the realm of possibilities. So far, so good. I’ve managed to tick off quite a few things on my list. Not my to-do list, rather my need-to-get-it-done-now! list. I have to say, it feels pretty dang good. We all have things that linger on our desk, etc. that are so easy to put off until manana.  Not to say you have to achieve your goals in one fell swoop because that isn’t realistic. Ultimately that mentality will add unnecessary stress, which in turn may cause all kinds of inner turmoil and defeat your purpose. However, being conscientiously proactive will propel forward movement and before ya know it – voila! mission accomplished.

Truth be told, I’m on a mission more so this year. We all know life, and quality of life, isn’t promised to any of us. As I mature I recognize the importance of personal accountability in all facets of my world.  Am I taking care of my health? My head, my heart, my spirit? Am I allowing for growth? Am I allowing for someone else’s growth? (Yep, this matters.) These are not areas left for others to do, nor should anyone be doing the work for you. It’s great to be emotionally supported and encouraged, but enabling, coddling, and placating are of no value when true evolution is the goal. It’s up to each of us, individually, to check in with ourselves. It’s also equally important to understand the flaws and weaknesses that keep one from becoming a more productive and efficient person on the planet. Of course; play, have fun, do and be in order to acquire balance. It’s mandatory to allow yourself joy, big joy, whenever possible.  I love big joy!  Yet, many consistently teeter and totter in their lives. Again, check in with yourself. Yes, it’s normal to feel off-kilter at times, especially if you’re reaching for the next level, but remaining in a perpetual state of lopsidedness isn’t living life fully.

My hope is that everyone takes stock of their world and adds value to that stock. I’m a firm believer of anything and everything is possible. Hey, little old me (okay, not pushing the old here) wrote a book. I’m just another human hanging out, but, I consciously said to myself; okay, this is the goal, this will be your personal best at this point in your life – you will do it.  And after some boiling blood, lots of sweat and a few tears … done. It’s not easy to stay disciplined and see a new goal through to fruition, much less a solo-never-done-before-unstructured goal, but I knew I had to keep pressing forward. I knew I wanted to utilize a larger percentage of my innate abilities which had yet to be uncovered (there’s still more!). I made a pact with myself. See, there it is again: back to self.

So, New Year, now what?  See above – that’s exactly what.





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