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Elda M. Lopez is a published author, speaker, and relationship coach who is passionate about preventing infidelity and strengthening relationships. In her breakout book The Infidelity Factor: Points to Ponder Before You Cheat, Elda shares her personal story as both the betrayed wife and “the other woman.” She is committed to guiding those conflicted about infidelity toward a healthier path. Her goal is to help individuals and couples avoid the damaging effects of unfaithfulness and betrayal.

When speaking about infidelity, Elda creates a warm, trusting atmosphere free of judgment. She values cultural diversity and honors the experiences and emotions of each person she meets. The skills she teaches are transferable to all relationship types.

Elda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from Whittier College and has also studied abroad at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She has spent many years in the entertainment industry. Her career includes film, television, radio, and stage acting. She has also held positions as a dialogue coach, voice-over artist, and casting director. She has taught English in Japan and tutored Language Arts to underserved Southern California communities.

Elda continually expands her horizons internally and externally. She loves to travel – everywhere. Dancing, music, flamenco, and anything dark chocolatey are some of her joys. Her latest hobby is simple photography (camera phone, examples on website) of the point, shoot and crop variety. She currently resides in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.


Terrific book is full of insight and lighthearted writing. The author offers vast knowledge and accurate perspectives on relationships. Highly recommend! ~ J.


* Expanded bio: https://amzn.to/45Z0xb5