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It’s no secret that with Spring everything old is new again. Birds are chirping, butterflies are flitting and flowers are competing for the best bloom. We take out the papers and the trash, clean our slates and extend ourselves to new beginnings. But, what if this time it was different? What if we polished up our inner workings instead of concentrating too much on the outer?

Don’t get me wrong the outer is great. Nature offering up the goods cannot be denied. Humans are stimulated by the beauty that surrounds us during the vernal months. We become happy, shiny people when the sun has its way. The trickle-down effects are gladly received and welcomed. That being said, when better to turn the outward high – inward? New Years may be the marker for most, however, rebirthing during the actual season of change is an excellent time for transformative thought, word, and deed.

If negativity, acting out or chaos have been your guides, take this opportunity to renew. Consciously think before you consider that harmful Spring fling that may involve infidelity – and will almost certainly culminate in backlash. This is a fantastic time to check in with your Emotional Intelligence: conscious observations of conscious behaviors. Spring brings joy; do and be genuine joy, not the quick-fix-no-real-value infidelity kind.

It’s time to step back, assess past behavior and unproductive thoughts, then step confidently forward and smell the sweet scent of personal growth.

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