Dr. Guy Golan, Married to Busy Podcast Q&A

Guy Golan Ph.D., the host of the podcast, Married to Busy, reached out to me via a FB page we both frequent. It was great connecting with such a curious, enthusiastic, and engaging person. And, of course, I’m always ready to share my POV on infidelity and its prevention. You never know where connections will take you. Happily, this one took me down yet another productive road.

About Guy: He’s an executive life coach who focuses on empowering high impact professionals (doctors, techies, financiers, lawyers) and their spouses to live a happier and more successful life; in, out, and around their careers. Infidelity is a subject that comes up in his line of work, so our chat served a purpose on a few levels. A definite win-win.

If you have 14 mins to spare, have a listen: https://apple.co/2Wl2k9T


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