Empowerography Podcast w/Brad Walsh Q&A

Brad Walsh is on a mission to promote women’s stories. How great is that? Fortuitously, I was one of those women. I had the best time chatting with Brad on his Empowerography podcast. His podcast can be found on Spotify and other audio outlets. He’s a podcast coach, super-connector, and #1 International best-selling author.

His podcast empowers women one episode at a time. Empower. Elevate. Educate. His taglines–agreed! The fact that one man cares to listen to and promote women’s narratives is refreshing and welcomed. He’s calm, engaging, and informative. So much so, I couldn’t stop talking! But, that’s what I was there for. Mission accomplished.

Listen in: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0NCNngXpJqeMFHfKYCazqn


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