Fantasy Fall

Fall is on the horizon. The weather, she is a-changin’. Well, kind of. In my neck of the woods (Los Angeles) fall is a bit behind schedule. We’ve got latent summer days on the agenda. However, the cooling trend is just around the corner. With the onset of falling leaves, brisk evenings and the cusp of the holiday season upon us, it’s time for cozy and snuggly. The autumn season can do strange things to people. Happy, happy things, as well as feelings of isolation and the need to belong. The anticipation of celebratory gatherings can incite some to deliberately seek a mate to share in the spirit – no matter whose mate it might be.

Longing to share a walk through a leaf-strewn park? Feel like nestling on the couch in front of a romantic fire? Have a need to escape the nip in the air by dining by candlelight? You’re not alone, or maybe you are, and can’t bear the thought of another holiday season being single. Without a doubt, we humans are fallible in many ways, but intentionally approaching someone who is already taken, even if the attention seems mutual, is not in anyone’s best interest. Least of all your own. The negative impacts will only serve to add stress and deeper feelings of loneliness once the fantasy coupling ends, because more than likely, it will. 

This type of fantasy has a very short shelf life. If you do indulge, make sure to have a pile of leaves nearby as you prepare for a very bitter “fall.” 

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