Fidelity and Fireworks

Happy 4th of July! The USA’s big day to celebrate independence and fidelity to the nation. Big, splashy pyrotechnics announce allegiance to the flag. Patriotism and love of the land abound. Pride and devotion walk hand and hand. The message being: We are one.

What about the other type of fireworks? The kind that happens when two people lock gazes and see sparklers reflected in each other’s eyes. The kind that makes you forget all else exists and clouds your vision. The kind that momentarily blinds you to the fact you have a committed mate patiently waiting for you at home, meanwhile you’re hitting up the bbq solo and contemplating flights of fancy because you don’t know how to handle your less than ideal circumstances and would rather act out instead of being a class act by respectfully addressing the home front issues. What happened to, we are one?

Don’t let the beer buzz and nachos lull you into a false sense of sexy self. Find your illuminations elsewhere. The real ones: intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Honor your fidelity. Better that, than getting burned while in the path of the rockets red glare – unless, of course, you’re prepared for explosions of a different kind. 

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