Fidelity Dating Q&A w/Gary Spivak, Founder

Here’s an eye-opening Q&A with Gary Spivak, founder of the dating site This site is geared toward those who value fidelity in their romantic relationships – and who wouldn’t?! I learned a few things from Gary, as I’m sure you will. Any little bit helps.

1. How did you come up with the idea for Fidelity Dating?
I saw many people hurt by infidelity and the main issue many infidelity survivors faced is they had trouble rejoining the dating pool because of lack of trust. I also saw dating site for married people to cheat had tens of millions of members so I knew that many people have been cheated on would be looking for a faithful partner.
2. Is there a competing site?
No direct competition. There are no other sites whose main niche is fidelity.
3. Have most of your customers dealt with infidelity? If so, what percentage?
We don’t ask members to identify themselves as previously cheated on so we don’t know the percent who have dealt with infidelity.
4. Do you match people up or do they make their own dating choices?
Our software allows members to search by demographics- age, gender, location, etc. … and it also e-mails potential matches to members.
5. Is there a profile they must fill out before becoming a member?
Members must enter some info but are not forced to complete a full bio. We do suggest that members add as much info and pics as possible so potential matches know what you are looking for and not looking for.
6. What sort of screening process do you do?
We monitor our members and suspend them if they are scammers or not looking for faithful partners.
7. Is there a particular time when membership interest increases?
Online dating peaks Dec. to Feb. and divorces are highest Jan to March. We see an increase at those times. Some people stay with their partners until after the holidays so they don’t upset their families. Others feel under appreciated during the holidays, break up and look for a new partner. Cheaters get caught during the holidays, some with receipts for presents for their side person or while trying to sneak out for a tryst. Many individuals reevaluate their lives in the new year and decide they need a change in their love lives and look to online dating.
8. Have you had issues with any of your customers? How was it dealt with?
No major issues. We have seen members post inappropriate pics or messages and we suspend their account.
9. What’s your advice to people who might consider joining?
Are you ready to date?  What are you looking for in a partner?  If you are ready to date and looking for a partner who believes in being faithful then we welcome you to join FidelityDating.
10. What is your vision for the future of this dating website?
In the short term, we are looking for an investor to help make more people aware of the site and grow membership.  We would love to see a TV show based on FidelityDating and a movement in the world away from cheating and towards fidelity.
Gary Spivak, Founder
Julie Surrey, Co-founder (and dating site member!)
Love is precious. Stay faithful.
*(Unfortunately, Gary’s site is no longer in service due to lack of members. It’s interesting, and undortunate, that people don’t want to invest in their selves in this manner.) 


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