Fidelity, Stronger Relationships, and Reputation Protections–Interview with Elda M. Lopez

An interesting turn of events happened when I perused HARO (Help A Reporter Out) for a potential subject match. I came across writer Michael Toebe, a reputation and crisis management specialist. Our topics seemed to be intertwined, so I asked if he’d be open to doing an interview. He said, yes. The following week he asked if I’d be interested in doing a Q&A. I said, yes. It usually works the other way around! Initiate opportunities when they present themselves.

Michael is also the writer of the Red Diamond Newsletter on Medium. This is where our Q&A landed. It was great working with him. He asks the big questions, I hope you enjoy the answers.

I’ve included a brief excerpt. The expanded version can be found in the link below intro.


Red Diamonds Features is an interview-rich publication that converses on topics of communication, decision making, behavior, conflict, trust, courage, resilience and courage and reputation and crisis.

A lot of reputation crises result from infidelity. It seems obvious yet “obvious” doesn’t seem to prevent high risk decision making that leads to reckless behavior and tremendous pain.

The fallout from infidelity in personal relationships and at times, well-being in our professional lives, is significant. So what can be learned about infidelity prevention?

Elda M. Lopez is the author of the THE (IN)FIDELITY FACTOR, Points to Ponder Before You Cheat and she talks about the important insights and lessons in this conversation.

She hasn’t minced words in her communication, writing “infidelity is permeating our society at a consistent and alarming rate. It’s a crazy-making circumstance that begets more crazy. ‘Solving’ a problem or addressing an issue by way of creating even more problems and issues is illogic (sic)at its best. Infidelity does that. Betrayal is not the area that suggests best-case scenario.”

Read full interview here:

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