Infidelity: Game Changer

When infidelity strikes, it strikes hard – fast – and deep. There is no easy. It’s an immensely combustible situation. Emotional fires are not readily extinguished and may reach raging proportions. What you thought of as a reasonable life; whether denial or distraction were your buffers, the game has now been changed. Your little corner of the world has been imposed upon – big time.

What to do? Cry, rant, rave, scream? Probably. Become depressed, retreat, shut down? Possibly. Seek vengeance; plot and scheme? Potentially. No matter what, something has shifted. How do you adjust accordingly? Change. Something wasn’t working, right? So, something must be changed. Either yourself or the perhaps-salvageable relationship. It helps to take a look at where the disconnects disconnected, even if your mate was the perpetrator. It helps to find clarity and understand what not to repeat.

Change does not happen easily or quickly. The emotional process has to be worked through – has to be – in order to get to the other side of yourself and/or the relationship.  We all have choices. This choice to change will be one of the most uncomfortable, confusing, and rewarding decisions you’ll ever make.

Game on, game off? My bet is on you – winning.

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