Infidelity Holiday Help

It’s a well-known fact, or so statistics claim, that infidelity is common during the holidays. Buying presents and trying to keep up with the Jones’ can create stress. Office parties with alcohol flowing and flirtations growing, foster reckless behavior. Resentments that build during the year can culminate with acting out. The feel-good of the season may remind someone of what they don’t have, so, they seek to find. These are just a few examples of what may prompt someone to be unfaithful during the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Hopefully, betrayal will not be a part of your reality, but should you find yourself in a compromising or challenging situation or if your mate is refusing to communicate, etc., please do seek information or advice from trusted sources. Of course, I highly recommend my book, but there are other options. If you favor an immediate voice and compassionate ear, Infidelity Counseling Network is there for you. The video link below will help guide you on your path toward understanding. Take the first step.

Choose to make your holidays happy!


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