Infidelity Speaks Awareness Virtual Summit Q & A

I was invited by Christina Ferguson of the Infidelity Speaks Awareness group to participate in her virtual summit. Christina, as the founder, also has first-hand knowledge of this circumstance and is dedicated to bringing awareness to infidelity and its fallout. I can relate.

Per the website:  
“The hidden secrets and shame of infidelity are all too common and negatively affect individuals, families, children, and communities.  Let’s not hide behind closed doors while suffering in silence.  Instead, let’s bring awareness to the hurt and pain that this behavior causes; let’s support those who are suffering behind those walls of shame, pity, blame, and embarrassment; and, let’s seek to make positive social change in such behavior.  Together we can, but we must not be afraid to Rise Up and Raise Awareness!”

Christina and I, along with others, joined forces through a virtual summit that reached over 500 people. Needless to say, there was interest and we were more than happy to help. 

Got 30 minutes to spare? Have a listen while Christina and I do some sharing: 

*Infidelity Speaks Awareness website information is also on the Resource page.

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