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I was one of twenty people chosen by Natalia Lusinski aka Nomadic Natalia, a freelance writer for Insider magazine online to be a participant in the article, Main Thing I Learned While in Quarantine. Natalia is based in Prague, but we managed to have many quick, informative, and fun conversations as well as get some work done! It turns out she has friends in my area. Small world, right?

When reading, you’ll find that not only am I an author, but I’m also a dialogue coach for a television show. Surprise! My story was chosen due to my time off from the entertainment business and how that’s affecting me. Although this article isn’t relationship-oriented, I wanted to share a bit of myself that’s not commonly known.

The excerpt from the article is below, but consider reading the complete article. The other stories were unique, interesting, and heartfelt. Who knows, you may find yourself among the words.


Elda Lopez, 63, of Brentwood, California, usually works as a dialogue coach for a prime-time television show. However, since TV production has been halted due to COVID-19, she’s been at home, unemployed.

“I’ve learned that being quarantined is not so different from what my lifestyle is normally like during this time of year,” she told Insider. “I work in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and a long hiatus, for my particular job, is common. Collecting unemployment is common. Budgeting is common.” 

Even though Lopez is used to running around a lot doing errands, she doesn’t miss that, yet, she said. She’s also working on some book-writing goals, which keeps her behind a computer doing research, reaching out, and watching webinars. 

Overall, she values private time, she said — it allows her the opportunity to reevaluate, reconfigure, and reinvigorate, which is what she planned to do prior to the pandemic anyway.

“Due to this, I find myself self-isolating too much,” she said. “The upside: It preemptively prepared me for this unique time in our history.”


Full-length article here:

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