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My mission is to inspire others to consider healthy relationship options. How appropriate that Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine aka Authors’ Paradize (a collection of book reviews, releases, and stories of authors and great books), asked to do an interview with me. They not only asked about my subject matter of infidelity prevention, but they also wanted to know what prompted me to become a writer.

A two-fold interview with words–that hopefully–inspire.

Auhots’ Paradize Q&A (excerpt, continue reading with link below)

I’m happy to share anything that may be of help to others. I hope this suits the purpose.

What inspired you to write this book?

I became annoyed with infidelity running rampant in all walks of life. Also, I have experience on both sides of the fence. I wanted to share what I’ve researched, and learned, to inspire infidelity prevention.

The earliest incidents you recall from your life where you first felt you had a writer in you?

In elementary school (USA), I used to write poems and stories for school and myself. It’s always been a part of my life, albeit with plenty of starts and stops. My book had a specific purpose, so this time I didn’t stop.

Who do you think are the ideal readers for this book?

As my back cover states, “For those who have a desire to know, and those in the throes of desire.” My book is for anyone who is conflicted about the role of (in)fidelity in a committed relationship and would like to seriously explore the benefits of a healthy one as a better option.

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