Leslie Flowers, One Women’s Voice Q&A

I was asked to participate in a Q&A with Leslie Flowers of One Women’s Voice, a Facebook group for thought leaders. Leslie has created these interviews to impart knowledge and engage with the five hundred plus women in her community. She literally gives voice to those making changes for the common good.

Leslie is on East Coast time, I’m West Coast. The 9 a.m. interview on a Monday was a challenge, plus I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. Full disclosure: I do my best work after 10 a.m.—when I’m well. That wasn’t my reality, but I managed to step up. 

It was such a pleasure speaking with her. She asked great questions! Questions most won’t ask. For this I’m thankful. It allows me to dig deeper and exchange ideas. She brought the goods.

If you have half an hour to spare, don’t mind funky lighting (note to self: open the drapes next time; lean back from the screen, no matter what Sheryl Sandberg says), and need some infidelity prevention insight, tune in here: http://bit.ly/2O4i8Lu

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