May – be

Welcome, May! The temp becomes increasingly warmer and the scent of new and exciting is in the air. A bright and sparkly month of yet more blossoms, blooms, and perhaps buds of romance. Ahhh, romance and the anticipation of what could be. We put our best face, foot, and whatever else forward to entice and create interest. Maybe I’ll meet “the one!” Maybe this time love will take hold and finally last. Maybe he’ll … maybe she’ll … and hopefully–you’ll, do things differently based on past mistakes and behavior. If you want the bigger, better: you have to be the bigger, better. 

Growth can be a hard pill to swallow. What? There’s more to learn? Unless we’re promoting our best selves, we can’t expect the same from another. Are your unrealistic expectations reigned in? Prince Charming, Cinderella, and the magic wand in check? Not to say we can’t have magic in our relationships (kudos to those who do!). But fantasy is another story: no happy ending there. Too much pressure, too much hype and waaay too much energy is wasted on obtaining an impossible outcome. This can lead to stress and acting out which can take you straight to–infidelity. 

Keep healthy in mind. May your outlook be positive, may your growth flourish, and may you find your happy, happy.


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