Michael Fishman Actor, The Conners Q&A

I don’t mention the fact I’ve made a living in the entertainment business since my main objective is my book, but it is a very important part of my background and present life. I met Michael Fishman on the original Roseanne show over thirty years ago. It was his first big gig. He was just a little kid. I was Michael’s stand-in if you can believe that!

We discuss my role on the show then, and now on the offshoot, The Conners. We also discuss my book which he read and highly recommends. A big bonus for me.

We exchanged heartfelt and lighthearted information. I had the best time chatting with him.

You can find our entire Q&A on YouTube at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kBDLV-La_E&t=223s

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