Mind the Mistletoe

Here we are again – another holiday season upon us. We made it through the turkey and taters, now we venture into the seasonal hub of mistletoe and madness. Of course, it’s supposed to be a time of giving and good cheer – but along with this comes too much stress, too much pressure, and possibly too much jolly. Keeping up with the Jones’, making the rounds with family, and office gatherings can present compromising positions.

Parties, alcohol, and inhibitions have a way of introducing unforeseen situations. There’s drunk Bob being introduced to married, frustrated, and lonely Sue. With a few more nogs of the egg, they’re off smooching under the dangling green. Hey, it’s tradition! If the unsuspecting mate finds out, possibly extradition. A hangover not long forgotten.

By all means, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (or any other preferred celebration), but not at the expense of your future – your mate, your children, your family or your friends. They all will be affected by that one indiscretion.

Give the gift of your mindful presence. Otherwise, Mr. Claus may deliver only to find you: “Not at this address.”



Artist: Corbis


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