No Bummer Summers

Summer, yay! We’re stepping into the sunshine with open arms; enjoying the outdoor life with our besties, families, and significant others. Soaking up rays here, biking there, catching breezes and smiling pretty much everywhere. The sun and warm temperatures seem to bring out our ideal selves – until the carefree-good-to-be-alive vibe shifts into can’t-take-it-back mode. Too much repression and unchecked joie de vivre lends itself to; a potent cocktail of unleashed angst with an infidelity chaser. Drunk on lust? A nasty hangover is right behind.

And, now, we have the bummer. Bummer that you couldn’t just take a few steps back. That danger zone was fast approaching but you chose to push on anyway. “Hey, she/he isn’t around. What’s a little harmless flirtation?” Until, it isn’t. Until harmless becomes intention and action. Yes, that just happened – and there goes summer. All your summery future plans (tropical vacay, gatherings, simple BBQs) will lose their shine. The stress of lying and denying will take its toll. So much for rolling around in the greener grass. Now you have to ever so carefully tend it. 

Hone communication skills or seek help for relationship troubles. Better to be aware. Do any little thing that will help prevent an affair. You’re worth it. Seriously. And I know for sure, you did not sign up for one long bummer summer.

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