Per EML & Co.: California to Celebrate the First-Ever Bookstore Day, May 3rd

EML & Co. announces that Elda M. Lopez, a representative of the publishing company and author of, The (In)fidelity Factor: Points to Ponder Before You Cheat, will be participating in this across the state one-day-only celebration at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in Redondo Beach, CA 90278, May 3, 2014 at 3pm.

California will actively acknowledge almost 100 independent bookstores. This daylong event will include numerous giveaways, in-store activities, author appearances, and more, as individual independent bookstores celebrate in their own unique way. A not to be missed one-of-a-kind affair.

Join EML & Co. in welcoming Elda M. Lopez as she and other scribes share books, stories and time with readers who value their friendly, neighborhood literary hang. Authors are fortunate and elated to have these homes as a means to showcase their talents. Be on the lookout for limited writings, artwork and exclusive day-of merchandise.
Enjoy planned events which promise to inspire fellow bibliophiles of all

Ms. Lopez will be signing and selling books at Mysterious Galaxy. Her book is a must-read for those who have a desire to know, and those in the throes of desire regarding (in)fidelity in a committed relationship. It is the ultimate user-friendly resource concerning this chaotic circumstance. She has been on both sides of the fence and speaks in real-life terms. Think: foster foresight to promote right.

The content gets to the crux of the matter, yet is conversational and witty. It introduces steps to take when your fidelity is challenged. How loss of face, family, and fortune can be avoided. Why personal growth is your friend. Unbiased facts, surveys and personal stories, including the author’s own. She has written a credible account of the whys and why nots before stepping into the infidelity pit. Bottom line: Cheating is Defeating!

EML & Co., publisher of, The (In)fidelity Factor: Points to Ponder Before You Cheat is proud to introduce this book and author. The company’s message and mission promote heightened awareness, personal accountability and further education in regards to the harmful backlash of infidelity. The trickle-down emotional and financial distress affects society at large. Our goal is to lay new groundwork for progressive thought and action. Our hope is that you will: “Be the change-up.”

Contact: Elda M. Lopez

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