Questions for Cathy #5: Why Do Men Cheat?

Cathy Chambliss photo

The age-old question, right? We’ve heard a multitude of answers bandied about. Cathy, being a marriage and family therapist has seen her fair share of cheaters, so…

EML: Why do men cheat?

Cathy: The main reasons men cheat are; they are looking for a release from stress either from their marriage or their lives and find relief in the excitement and newness of a new relationship. They are frustrated with their marriage and instead of attempting to solve their problems with their spouse, they attempt to get their needs met with another person. Men may be insecure and are looking to feel better about themselves. They get positive reinforcement and attention by cheating. Some men have developed a sexual addiction which causes them to cheat. It usually starts with porn addiction and then to either paid for sex, or one night stands.

Each reason needs to be taken into serious consideration and dealt with in a healthy manner. Unfortunately, most men aren’t exposed to, or taught about emotional intelligence which can create many forms of havoc. This, too, needs to be changed up. My next book!



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