Questions for Cathy #6: Why Do Women Cheat?
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Many reasons have been expressed about why women cheat, but I asked Cathy anyway. If you talk to enough people about infidelity, like I have, you usually learn something new. And of course, Cathy has a few insights.
EML: Why do women cheat?
CathySome of the main reasons are; they’re frustrated in their marriages and usually feel disconnected emotionally. They meet a man that connects with them emotionally and start to cheat. They are basically done with their marriage and are not ready to leave yet because they may have children at home or are worried about the financial consequences of divorce. So, they cheat so they can get some of their needs met. They have tried over and over again, in counseling and through communication, to attempt to get their husband to understand them and communicate with them. Their husbands refuse. They begin to feel attracted to other men and eventually step outside the marriage to get their needs met. Very rarely do I see women who cheat just for sex.
I’m puzzled why some people resist therapy, if in fact, it can help remedy the situation. Especially those who continue to exhibit the same unproductive behavior with the same chaotic results. Definitely, my next question.
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