Questions for Cathy #1: Infidelity Percentages

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I’m thrilled to announce that I will be collaborating with Cathy Chambliss, LMFT, for a monthly Q & A. Each month a question pertaining to relationships and/or infidelity, will be answered and examined by Cathy. She has thirteen years in the business of marriage and family therapy. Needless to say, she’s heard many stories in the city.

A big welcome to Cathy! Join us each month as she shares and enlightens. 

EML: What percentage of your practice is infidelity based?

CathyApproximately twenty percent of the couples I see come in for issues related to infidelity. However, I rarely see women that are the cheaters. I see a lot of men that have been caught for cheating. The research says that women cheat too, but I wonder if they are more secretive and just don’t get caught as often or perhaps men don’t want to work on the marriage once they find out their wives have cheated. Whatever the case, in over thirteen years of practice, I have only seen one couple where the wife had cheated.


Talk about eye-opening. Only one wife admitted to cheating. But, as Cathy stated, there are variables involved. We’ll be exploring those variables.

Feel free to submit a question on this site via the contact form. And, of course, please contact Cathy should you have the need.







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