Questions for Cathy #13: Has There Been a Spike in Infidelity Due to Technology?

I’ve passed along info before re infidelity and technology. The reason I continue to cover this topic is that it’s so widespread. Hopefully, by reiterating, a word will be read or an impression will be made to help curb the incidences. I asked our resident LMFT, Cathy Chambliss, whether she’s experienced an upsurge in clients due to this issue. Overall, it seems to be wreaking havoc within romantic relationships.

EML: Has there been a spike in infidelity due to technology?

Cathy: I don’t know if there has been a spike in infidelity due to technology, but more people are getting caught due to technology! The internet and cell phones have allowed people to connect in ways that have not been possible prior. Fifty years ago, men and women who cheated would have to go out into the world to meet someone to cheat. Today, many people go on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., and start “talking” to people. It’s so easy to pick up your phone, or laptop, and chat. It is much harder to uphold boundaries in a relationship when people are bombarded with options to connect electronically. You can easily keep in touch with old attractions or relationships from the past, which can turn in to cheating. Remember, there isn’t just physical infidelity, but emotional infidelity. Whenever you regularly talk to someone about your personal life and feelings without your partner knowing, it can be considered emotional infidelity. This occurs much more often due to technology.


As we’ve heard and suspected, the use of the latest technology makes connecting easier and sneakier—not a good combo. Most don’t consider that one quick “connection” can have devastating after-effects: loss of face, finances, and family, just to name a few. 

Make use of technology for good, as in, click a link for a reputable therapist when things get tough. If not, Google is more than happy to search for a very expensive lawyer.

*(Cathy can be reached through my Resource section)

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