Questions for Cathy #2: Infidelity & Professional Advice

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Infidelity in a relationship can wreak all sorts of havoc, havoc that isn’t easily sorted. Are we able to recoup from the fallout on our own, or is strategic direction needed?

How important is professional counseling when infidelity has affected a relationship?


It is very important that both men and women seek couples work, and often individual counseling, after the exposure of infidelity in their relationship. There are so many emotions involved after an affair. Both husband and wife need help in determining how to rebuild trust and how to look at the dynamics in the relationship that were occurring before the affair. It is very difficult to rebuild a marriage after an affair without some professional guidance.


Agreed. If we don’t even recognize the issues that may have contributed to the disconnect; how are we to mend, grow and become more self-aware without the help of a neutral outside source that is trained to help bridge these gaps? If help isn’t sought, the chance of suppressing, repressing, ignoring, denying and all sorts of other counterproductive behavior is ever present and will cause more harm.

No more: cheat, repeat, defeat. Time to become the bigger, better change-up.




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