Questions for Cathy #3: Infidelity & Therapy

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Couples who utilize therapy as a tool to reconnect after infidelity are definitely on the right track, but how long does this last?

EML: How many sessions do couples attend when infidelity is the issue?


Most people do at least eight to ten sessions of couples counseling after an affair. A mistake that most people make during counseling is that they may start to feel better after two or three sessions. They may even enter a “honeymoon” stage where they feel very in love with each other again. However, this often does not last and the anger and hurt will come out again. It’s very valuable for couples to understand why the affair occurred and to correct any dysfunction in their relationship so cheating will not occur again.


There you have it. Consistency equals measurable positive movement forward. Stops and starts inhibit growth, healing, and the building of a solid foundation. If it took years to create an issue, it’s definitely not going to be resolved within a few hours. Give yourself time to get to the core problem(s). Your newfound partnership and peace of mind will thank you for it.

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