Questions for Cathy #4: Infidelity & the Holidays

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I’ve heard many times, and have written about, how the holidays can create all sorts of opportunities for infidelity. I wanted to get a feel for what’s happening on the inside and asked Cathy for her input. Although she personally hasn’t witnessed a spike in her client base during the season, she did have informative words to pass along.

EML: What are some of the reasons that prompt people to cheat during the holidays?

CathyI think the holidays can make people feel more stressed with their family dynamics and in their marriages. There is a lot of pressure to buy gifts, go to family events, attend parties, yet people still need to work, take care of their families, pay bills, care for their homes, etc. A common theme that I see with infidelity is that people use affairs as a way to escape the stressors of their daily lives. Maybe someone is overwhelmed by raising small children or working too much. Maybe someone may be having financial stress. Because holidays can bring about so much stress for people, partners may be looking for a release from this which could come in the form of an affair. Instead of having an affair, I encourage people to get into some form of counseling to learn healthy ways of managing their stress and feelings, so that they don’t damage their relationships!


Her last sentence speaks volumes. And of course, when in confused, stress mode; don’t take too many turns at the punch bowl.

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