Looking for a highly qualified licensed marriage and family therapist to help with relationship conflicts? Cathy Chambliss LMFT, compassionately works with your unique situation. No issue too great or small. Take that first step toward a healthier you.

Cathy is conveniently located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

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For those located in The Valley area of L.A., Karen Chambre LCSW, is a relationship expert with over 30 years of experience. She’s seen thousands of patients with relationship woes. Her approach is through psychodynamic psychotherapy, as well as the art of helping people achieve their goals.


Do you want low-cost, confidential, professional peer-to-peer, call-in counseling by those who’ve also had the experience of infidelity? Find it here at Infidelity Counseling Network.


Cheating Support a comprehensive online community that caters to those who’ve experienced infidelity in one form or another. This free site welcomes your experiences, securely addresses all issues, and offers handy resources.


Hesitant to date again due to an infidelity issue? Explore Fidelity Dating, a site that caters to those who’ve had the experience of betrayal and don’t want a repeat; if possible. Free trial memberships are available for a limited time. You’re worth this gift!


Infidelity Speaks Awareness is an organization that is also working toward promoting infidelity awareness in a broader manner. This is what Founder, Christina Ferguson has to say, and so much more:

“Normalized” infidelity? Not if we can help it – let’s do!

“I began to think about my darkest days as a result of infidelity and the many others who suffer in silence.  I remembered the days of shame, loneliness, judgment, and feeling invisible. Infidelity hurts! Will you join the fight?” ~ Christina, Founder Infidelity Speaks

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