The Hefty Price of Infidelity

Infidelity and money. Two delicate subjects. Separately, each spark provocative responses. Together: highly flammable. No one appreciates a messy relationship, nor messy money.

People who gamble with infidelity put their finances into very shaky hands. Credit cards, hotels, trips, dinners, gifts and whatever else is splurged upon for a quick fix, or ongoing liaison; cost some bucks. And this is only a small portion of the financial pie being expended. There could be hush money, which may or may not silence the betrayed (returning to a spouse may also feel like a betrayal to a paramour). Plus, the ante could be upped—depending. Stalkers? You may need a PI. They don’t come cheap. Emergency doctor visit for an unexpected pregnancy or an STD alert? Costs dinero. Everyone involved: the betrayed, betrayer, and the “other” pay the price on some level.

According to a 2006 report by the U.S. Census the median household income for a family of four is approximately $70, 354. When a marriage disintegrates potentially half of the finances and property are lost (based on where you live). Per this example; that’s $35, 177, a substantial amount to see go by the wayside. That number is then decreased by the number of children in the household and their needs. The innocents that were lovingly created, and now caught up in the chaos, will have plenty of needs: clothing, food, health-related appointments, and education, to name a few. Some schools aren’t able to provide essential supplies, which means that money has to come out of pocket from ma and pa. Extracurricular activities and the overall unexpected will put another dent into the incredible shrinking wallet. To add insult to injury, it’s particularly devastating if there is only one working partner and the other is left to start over, sometimes penniless, and as a single parent

The after-the-tryst list continues … Hiding money to avoid a payout? Lawyers; enough said. What about a little diversion after all the stresses of the break-up? Golf and spa days are now past-tense. Paying for a cramped apartment and your once sprawling dream home that still demands your mortgage payments? What about that “new” used fifteen-year-old car that will need major maintenance at some point? As for the paramour, she/he can’t afford to be kept, so—para-no-more.

When it comes to money, there are no limits to what some may do if their livelihood has been threatened by indiscretion. How many seething mates fight tooth and nail to rip open the pocketbook and inflict deep revenge on the straying party? Numerous. Raging emotions alone do enough damage without the monetary snag. Then there’s the physical: property damage (insurance and repair issues), bodily harm (doctor visits, hospital stays), funeral expenses for whomever (each is a potential victim); all possible, and all cost money. So, why sully life with preventable financial setbacks?

As you can see, the break-up of a couple and family due to fidelity gone astray lends itself to many distressing factors. The examples aren’t meant to be sensational: They exist, they’re real. Economically, infidelity can plunge people into murky areas of which they’re not familiar or comfortable. This isn’t just about an inconvenience or hiccup with regards to your financial health. It can set the tone for bankruptcy and government aid. The domestic socio-economic framework is at stake. 

We owe it to ourselves to be aware, otherwise, society at large will continue to bear the fiscal, emotional, and physical downside. And …

We are all society at large.


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