The Illogic of Infidelity

Straight up, infidelity is permeating our society at a consistent and alarming rate. It’s a crazy-making circumstance that begets more crazy. “Solving” a problem or addressing an issue by way of creating even more problems and issues is illogic at its best. Infidelity does that. Betrayal is not the area that suggests best case scenario. We want our best to settle in and get comfortable with foresight before any madness ensues. Yes, crazy and madness are big words, but they are apropos. Crazy-madness-with-absolutely-no-hint-of-logic is probably an even more accurate description of a scorned mate’s behavior when infidelity steps in. So much for solving a problem.

People commit infidelity for a vast array of reasons, but very simply put, let’s say a need isn’t being met, communication is lacking, understanding is thrown by the wayside, compassion is overlooked: logical reasons for discontent and breakdowns in a relationship. Take it a step further; everyone has a unique backstory to untangle and process. Tricky business, especially when this part of the equation is ignored or misunderstood. It’s no secret that emotion and logic are not cozy bedfellows. And that applies to you and your paramour in the long run, if the troubling issues at hand aren’t given their just due. As in, do, take a closer look as to what’s really beneath the reason for the indiscretion.

The conscientious handling of these matters dictates whether to err on behalf of your uncertain future, chaotic present – or what’s undoubtedly to be your painful past. Choose to: err on the side of caution

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