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It’s good to know people are still “listening” and want to hear more about infidelity prevention. Because, why not?

I received a request to include my message and various in The Los Angeles Tribune online. This person saw my information in Voyage LA (another online publication) and felt it deserved another audience. So, here I am!

I hope you enjoy the read. If not, let me know that too.


What struggles along the way did you face?

I had to keep expanding my boundaries to accommodate people’s stories. This wasn’t a struggle per se, but it was startling and thought-provoking. It challenged me to look at the subject matter with fresh eyes.

I knew infidelity wasn’t one size fits all due to each of us having distinct backstories, some more intense than others, but the variations on this theme were astounding, as they continue to be. It was a huge learning curve. One that allowed for extensive insight, compassion, and the need to keep working towards prevention.


…Interestingly enough, men have been more candid with their feelings than women. Generally, men are seen as lacking emotional depth, but the fact that many have reached out to me and have confided their circumstances through honest discussions is indicative of conversations that need to be encouraged. I wholeheartedly applaud this!

My next project is relationship coaching for men. 


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