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I was contacted by The LA Note, an online publication, to be featured on their platform. After a few emails, it was decided I’d be a better fit for their online Thought Leaders Ethos publication (read about them below). Great!

As always, it’s inspiring to be sought out and considered of interest to the public at large. Positive feedback is greatly appreciated. It keeps me moving forward. Aligning goals with reality can be challenging. It’s an ongoing, sometimes tedious process, but I’m in for the long haul. Gotta keep the message resonating.

Info about Thought Leaders and the Q&A link below. Feel free to share

About Us

Thought Leaders Ethos brings together the best and brightest minds to highlight their unique perspective and voice. Our mission is to turn great ideas into action by showcasing the people, ideas and events shaping the world’s most exciting innovations.

Ethos is the brain child of friends who set out to make a difference in the world, despite the challenging odds of circumstance, political climate, religious belief, and the unrelenting temptation of self-doubt. The main driver behind Ethos is providing a platform for action takers to voice their thoughts while giving the spotlight to amazing individuals who normally wouldn’t get shine.

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